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The unexpected as experience

I like rivers and slow water channels, where you can hardly see the movement.

For me to draw and paint implies that, a gradual attitude between the hand and the brain, something without that conventional time. A free state, without judgments, where the line, the shadow, the different strokes are deployed constructing spaces, dividing and modifying. An intimate encounter of forms. It is of my interest the gesture, the deformation, the inventing contorted forms, the stain, the colors, the sound of the graphite bar on the paper.

Observe things, objects, people and nature, simply as references, a kind of circular memory. I prefer the distance with the outside so I can concentrate.

I prefer the silence, the quiet hours, the corners, the slow breeze, the rain, the gray days, the warm sun. The light through the window that sneaks in. Sketching something is gratifying, beautiful, if it fits the word. It gives me pleasure, it is essential, it gives me peace and resistance on the multiple external noise, on the contemporary anxiety. It is also a permanent dialogue between the mind and what is being sketched, organizing on the plane.

If you give up work halfway, and you pick up later you can grab new forms and new situations happen.